We should expect INTEGRITY from those we elect. I’ll serve with respect for the trust you are placing in me to be fair, open, honest, and responsible with taxpayer funds.

Growth is coming to Utah and Provo. As we grow, we must BALANCE competing interests and strive for responsible growth. I promise to listen, learn, gather information, and act carefully – with a view toward long range consequences.

With 34 unique neighborhoods and a growing downtown, creating a COMMUNITY that meets our vision and enhances the quality of life we enjoy will be my priority.

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Rental Disclosure Ordinance (V3)

This draft of the proposed rental “contract” ordinance was prepared by the Council attorney as an option to reduce the potential for misinterpretation from the redefinition of the word “contract” in the V2 draft (see previous blog post titled Rental...
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Rental Contract Ordinance (V2)

This Tuesday, November 14th, the Council will consider the following ordinance as a tool to aid in the enforcement of occupancy limits.  This is the current V2 draft the Council intends to vote on.  One problem with this draft is that it defines the word “contract” to...
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Re-elect Dave Sewell

Provo has momentum. We were recently ranked by Wallet Hub as the second best-run city in America. Many who grew up here or went to school here want to stay and many more want to move here. We have challenges related to growth and maintaining our quality of life. Our City Council...
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Rock Canyon Preservation

The first item on Tuesday’s Work Meeting agenda relates to the preservation of Rock Canyon.  Over a period of decades, citizens, elected officials, and a group called the Rock Canyon Preservation Alliance have worked to preserve Rock Canyon for present and future generations. ...
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